Only Give Your Personal Number To People You Trust. For Everyone Else, There’s PingMe…

A private, secondary phone number app for talking and texting

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Receive SMS message for FREE


Disposable US, Canadian phone number


Send SMS message as low as $0.008/message


Voice calling starts from $0.005/minute


Local and long-distance calling available

PingMe Second Phone Number Is Great For…

Multiple Phone Numbers

Get a temporary second phone number or more numbers through the PingMe App without changing cell phones that  support dual SIM cards.


Always use PingMe disposable phone number to text unsafe numbers. Enjoy a large keyboard, texting from your PC web to any mobile devices.

Second Number Calling

Make calls through the PingMe second phone number App and keep your primary phone number private. simple like that.

The Most Inexpensive Secondary Phone Number App You Could Find Online 

$0.2 USD Free Credits For You To Test Drive

Phone Numbers

USA Phone Number


Canada Phone Number


UK Phone Number



Send Messages(SMS)

US to US $0.008/Message

US to Canada $0.016/Message

Canada to Canada $0.008/Message

Canada to US $0.008/Message

UK to UK $0.06/Message

Receive Messages(SMS)

On USA Number: FREE

On Canada Number: FREE

On UK Number: FREE

Picture Messages(MMS)

Send from US/CA Number  to US/CA Number $0.03/mms

Receive on US/CA Number $0.02/mms

Phone Calls

Receive Calls On

Canada Local Number:$0.006/min

USA Local Number: $0.004/min

Toll-Free Number: $0.02/min

Best International Calling Rates

We provide low-cost international calling rates to any mobile or landline number in thousands of destinations around the world.
Download PineMe app to see the rates of all destinations.

Popular Destinations (Price in US Dollars)


$0.0195/min Special


$0.0075/min Special
$0.001/min Toll-Free


$0.006/min Special


$0.03/min Special


$0.015/min Special




$0.15/min Special



 2020 PingMe App Development Road Map

Always check back to see our development processes. the team that you can trust in developing telecom service for your need.
Send/Receive Text/Picture Messages(SMS/MMS)
  • Released 100% 100%
Phone Number Port-OUT
  • Internal Testing 90% 90%
Peer to Peer Voice Calls and Chat
  • Developing 50% 50%
Multiple Phone Number Profiles
  • Developing 30% 30%

Some Freebies That May Be Helpful

Receive Free SMS Online

We provide a convenient tool for you to receive SMS online for free. please note, everyone can see the message.

Web SMS Chat

Enjoy a bigger keyboard and chat SMS online with your friends, try PingMe Web Chat online service.

Send Free SMS Online

Need to send a text message to someone without using a personal cell phone number?  Click Below!


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Can I make international calls for free?

Yes! You can make international calls for FREE. The reason you can make FREE calls because we have different methods for our users to earn FREE credits, such as daily check-in and video ads bonus or even invite your friends to join PingMe App etc, so you can use your own efforts to enjoy FREE international calling.

Can I get a free phone number?
Yes, you can get a FREE phone number, as long as you have enough credits in your account. You can earn FREE credits by following our instructions then use them to get the FREE phone number.
How to invite more people to join pingme to get credits?

Simply go to “My” then tap on “Invite Friends to Join”. once your friend joined and successfully registered in PingMe App, you and your friends will both get $0.2 USD FREE credits.

How's the quality of voice of using PingMe App making international calls?

The quality is crystal clear because we are leveraging the latest cloud technology to place the phone calls are on Google/AWS etc tier-one cloud IaaS Providers also we are partnering with different service providers globally to get the best and cheapest calling rate for you. Try the PingMe App, you will love it… wink

Can I send/receive messages or pictures through PingMe App?

Yes, you can send and receive text messages and picture messages throug PingMe App. 

How to get more credits?
There are so many ways to get FREE credits, follow the instructions here, and you will see them all…