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Get your verification codes now with PingMe’s SMS Verification Code Helper. No real SIM card is required, no need for costly carrier plans. It’s the effortless and budget-friendly solution you’ve been searching for.
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Streamline Your Verification Process Today!

Buy your own number now for hassle-free SMS verification and secure your online accounts instantly.

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Streamline Your Verification Process Today!

Buy your own number now for verification
and secure your accounts instantly.

How do I bypass a verification code?

Receive SMS Verification Codes from Any App or Platform


Obtaining a WeChat verification code using a temporary phone number. With approximately one billion users, WeChat is a widely used app. Click here to learn more!


Explore TikTok, the world’s most popular app, without the need for your personal phone number. Click here to discover how PingMe can help you get started!


WhatsApp, a mobile texting app owned by Facebook, can now be accessed using PingMe. Click here to discover how to obtain a WhatsApp verification code!


Ready to create a new Amazon account? Use our verification code helper to receive your verification code on a different number.


Need assistance receiving a Tinder verification code? Click here to discover how we can help.


Curious about how to obtain a verification code from Bumble using PingMe? Explore more here.


Looking to obtain a verification code for Hinge without your real phone number? Discover how to do it here.


Match, the premier online dating destination with exceptional success rates. Get a verification code using another number right here.

If you don’t find the app you need, reach out to us at [email protected].

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Why Use PingMe’s SMS Verification Code Helper?

Bypass OTP by getting a verification code
Tired of creating and memorizing passwords? Bypass one-time password using our SMS verification code helper effortlessly.
Keep your personal number safe & private
Prevent sharing your primary phone number with apps to ensure the safety of your personal information from spam and security risks.
Real phone numbers
Real phone numbers are exclusively used to receive verification codes. You can retain these authentic numbers for long-term use or dispose of them as needed.

User Reviews of Our SMS Verification Code Helper

Using PingMe, I effortlessly create secondary anonymous accounts on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Amazon. The verification codes arrive instantly via SMS, making the process fast and affordable. I’ll certainly rely on their numbers again in the future! The phone numbers provided by PingMe are truly effective!

Highly recommended!

Jeff L.

After trying various online SMS receiving apps and encountering dissatisfaction, I discovered PingMe. Their prices were more affordable, and they assured their numbers were pre-verified for functionality.

They lived up to their promise! I’ll definitely be sticking with them in the future!

Lily W.

I needed to register multiple accounts across various social media platforms for the companies I work with. Unable to use my personal number for multiple registrations, I need a service that provides a second real phone number for this purpose. PingMe fulfilled my needs perfectly!

Plus, I could retain the numbers for future use.

Amy K.

Need to receive verification codes on your phone?

Bypass verification codes and retain numbers with PingMe. Manage multiple real phone numbers used for app logins in one place.
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What is an SMS or text verification code for?
When registering for accounts on apps or websites like Facebook, Tinder, or TikTok, they typically require a phone number for verification and security purposes. They will send a verification code via text message, which you input to complete the signup or login process.

Verification codes ensure the legitimacy of phone numbers used to create accounts, preventing automated bot registrations. By entering the verification code received via text message, you validate that you are a genuine user. This process ensures the use of authentic phone numbers from users.

How does the Verification Code Helper work?

PingMe pre-verifies phone numbers to ensure they can receive SMS verification codes from applications. This saves you money by avoiding the purchase of a number that doesn’t work for a specific app. 

Platforms like Facebook, Tinder, and Bumble are often targeted by security threats and spam, posing risks to user privacy. Verification codes sent by these sites can sometimes lead to the unauthorized collection of personal data for surveillance or spamming purposes.

Which Apps can I use this service with?

You can use PingMe for all applications listed on our platform. If you don’t find the app you need in the dropdown list, simply email us at [email protected]. We will pre-verify the application for you. Once confirmed, we will notify you and enable you to start using it.

Are these fake mobile phone numbers?
No, these are not fake phone numbers, they’re real phone numbers that you own. PingMe facilitates the reception of SMS verification codes for temporary or texting purposes. However, avoid using these numbers for sending or receiving confidential information, such as for banking or financial purposes.
Are you going to charge me if I didn't receive a verification code?
No, you will only be charged when you successfully receive a verification code. It’s important to note that our service is limited to receiving SMS messages only. We are not liable for any incidents occurring outside of the verification process. Please refer to our terms and conditions for the SMS verification code helper for further details.
How can PingMe help me protect my privacy?
PingMe offers a unique solution by providing you with a second disposable phone number for app registrations. This means you no longer need to compromise your personal phone number and the associated information.

By using PingMe, you can shield your primary number from spam, unwanted data mining, and third-party data collection, which may compromise your privacy. It also safeguards you from potential security breaches within the apps themselves.

With a private, secondary phone number from PingMe, you can mitigate these risks and ensure your personal information remains secure.

How does PingMe work?
PingMe is a convenient application that enables you to receive verification codes without the need to purchase an additional SIM card or an expensive carrier plan.

Simply use the PingMe app to obtain verification codes from a variety of different apps. When you input a phone number provided by the SMS verification code helper into an app, the app will send the verification code to that number. You can then use this code to log in or sign up for the app without disclosing your real primary phone number. This feature is particularly useful for apps that require your phone number for security purposes, such as Google.

What is the authenticity of PingMe?
PingMe ensures authenticity by prioritizing security and convenience in every online interaction. Seamlessly bypass SMS verification codes and safeguard your privacy with our second phone number feature. While our app facilitates the receipt of SMS verification codes for account creation on various platforms, we strongly advise against using these numbers for confidential or banking purposes to mitigate potential security risks.

Charges on the app are solely for the verification code text messages and subscribed phone numbers. PingMe guarantees a safe and discreet online experience, providing the assistance needed for receiving verification codes. Join us today and experience peace of mind in your digital interactions.

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