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How to Send Free SMS/Text Messages using PingMe Free Web Tool – Send SMS Online

Using PingMe to send FREE SMS is a piece of cake. All you need to do is follow these easy steps listed below and you are good to go:

Step 1: Go to your web browser and insert PingMe Send SMS  in the web address bar.

Step 2: Once there, you will have an option for inserting the receiver’s mobile phone number. Input the number in the correct international dialing format.

Step 3: Type in the message you want to send. There is a certain limit on the number of characters you can type so make sure you do not cross that limit. (English: 160 Characters. Chinese: 70 Characters.)

Step 4: Click send free sms and that is it you are done!

Specifications of PingMe Send FREE SMS Online

The most noteworthy quality is that it is a send free sms online tool that can be fully used with a web browser. This means you can seamlessly use its services with your PC. Spare the hassle of downloading the app in your smartphone, tablet or iOS. There is no need to connect your phone number or getting a verification code. Just visit PingMe.Tel and start sending free text messages in your PC just like you would in your phone.

With this new specification, never miss an important text even if you lose your phone, or when your phone is away such as while charging. Some texts are certainly very important than others such as from work. With this service, you shall not have to worry about missing out on those!

Break barriers with this pioneering technology. Apps often have country restrictions and other services also have certain barriers or work only in specific places. As PingMe runs by a website, all these restrictions are lifted. You can enjoy communicating with your friends, family, peers and mates without worrying about international borders.

How Free SMS Service Works?

PingMe send free sms online tool employs an advanced global communication infrastructure that helps you stay connected wherever you are. Combining the forces of modern internet and VOIP communication technology, it will provide you a service like no other. And not just that, PingMe is also interconnected with various mobile carriers in the US, Canada and in all other countries, such as with the likes of AT&T, Verizon and T Mobile. Experience the superiority of borderless communication free of cost with this service.

There is no restriction on the usage of devices as well. You can use PingMe send free sms online too across android, PC, MAC or iOS, and just about any device to send texts for free. This overcomes the limitations of using multiple devices. Being a web browser by nature, you can use this both in Android and iOS. Android phones typically use Google Chrome whereas iOS has Safari set as their default browser. Simply visit the webpage and start using it, no need to download an app or whatsoever.

Wherever you are, choose the device at your comfort; it can be your laptop, tablet, iPad, iPhone or desktop. You can freely send text messages across many devices such without any problem, given it has an internet connection.

Why use PingMe Send a Text?

Using PingMe to send a text or send free sms online has many perks. It is not only limited to sending and receiving free SMS only. For example, you are on a business trip or a vacation away from your country. You do not want to purchase a SIM card just for a few days and you do not have many important calls to make. Here, this app can be your solution, as it is free and you can use it across multiple countries. This will also come handy if you want to be in touch with old peers and friends across the world.

While making calls has several benefits, sometimes sending free SMS online has a better purpose. Sending free SMS is faster and more convenient. Maybe you just have to send a short note or notify somebody of something which can be checked out in their own time – PingMe is the way to do it!

Messaging is an easy way to keep you connected and comes handy when you want to avoid long conversations on the phone. Often after getting a phone for the first time, people tend to chat a lot. This can be shifted to your PC instead. With this app, you can work alongside text without having to toggle between your mobile phone and PC again and again.

Benefits Of Using PingMe to Send A Text For Free

You might wonder what is the point of using a web browser to send and receive text messages when you can just opt for the more traditional way? Out of many other alternatives, why should you use this one?

Well, there are more reasons than just one. Let us have a look at the benefits of using PingMe to send free text has to offer.


  • Free of cost

This service will allow you to send text messages for free. While other services may allow you similar operations, they do contain a certain charge. Here, there is absolutely no involvement of any sort of fees or requirement of your credit card information.

Mobile phone operators can sometimes reap you off, especially if you have a habit of chatting all the time using the SMS app. It is good to stay connected but would be better if that did not come with a cost. Luckily, this app just fulfills that void. This is an online service that does not involve any sort of pf payment mechanism. Save money and stay connected both at the same time using PingMe To send free sms.

  • Stay connected despite borders

With the ever-increasing globalization comes the need to stay connected globally. You might want to get in touch with a friend from Ireland you met during college, or stay connected with your business client who lives in London or perhaps your teacher who stays in Dubai. All this is made possible using this app as it does not have any restriction on international borders.

So, no need to go through the hassle of using virtual phone numbers or sharing private information with operators. With collaboration made with many countries and their top service providers, you can contact anyone from any country totally for free. This benefit is brought to you by combining the power of internet and VOIP services. Stay connected easily with your distant and dear ones.

  • Convenience

This service enhances your convenience in many ways. Firstly, there is no need to download an additional app in your mobile phone. It will not eat up extra storage space in your mobile phone. Just visit the site whenever you want and start using it. All you need to do is sign up and the service is yours for free.

This app saves you from the horror of having a poor network connection. Perhaps you have a very important text message to reply to but your network connection is close to none, or you are stuck with a network operator that provides poor connection but you do not want to switch your mobile phone number. In such cases, you can easily use your web browser to send the text message with any device you prefer. Get convenience with space, network and usage.

  • Multiplatform usage

You can use this service across multiple devices, both IOS and Android. Get the same experience from both type of devices as no designated app is required. Send and receive text messages for free no matter where in the world you are or whichever device you are using.

Whether you are using your tablet, laptop or MacBook, never miss a text again! Even if you use an iPhone but own a Windows PC, you can still receive texts that come in your iPhone directly in your PC. Miraculous isn’t it?

  • Fast

You might be wondering, as it is connected to the web browser, is the service slow? The answer is – absolutely not! With PingMe, you can expect the speed of sending and receiving SMS as you would with your ordinary phone services. It totally depends upon the speed of your internet connection. If the speed is slow, then it is because of the internet connection and nothing else.

It is just like any other text messaging online service such as Messenger or Skype. You can expect your message to be delivered and received within seconds.

  • Privacy

With PingMe you do not have to worry about your privacy. It does not even use your personal phone number to send the SMS. The service will assign its own phone number so ensure you let the recipient know in the text message that it is you. The information you input is encrypted and thus no third party will be able to access it.