How to bypass SMS verification for Discord using a Virtual Number

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Secure a second number for registration and verification across platforms.

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Do you want to use the Discord app without adding your number for SMS verification? Then you have come to the right place. To activate your Discord account, you will receive SMS verification from Discord. You don’t have to put your personal number to get a verification code from Discord.

Apps like PingMe can generate a secondary number to receive SMS verification online. In this article, we thoroughly explain each step of receiving a virtual number and using it to SMS verify Discord server. Keep reading to find how to bypass SMS verification for Discord using a virtual number.

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Why should you use the Discord app?

Discord is an online group chatting platform that was originally created for gamers. Later on, it developed into a general group chatting app. It has different servers, each with different topics, members, and channels. You can use the Discord app to send texts and chat using voice or video. Additionally, you can live-stream games and different programs through this app.

Listed below are the common benefits of using Discord.

Attractive interface

Using Discord is fun with its attractive interface that is simple, clean, and user-friendly. It allows you to seamlessly switch between different servers. You can add emojis, screenshots, GIFs, mentions, and hashtags to your chat.

Create or join a server

Discord lets you create your own server or join any server you want. For instance, if you are a PUBG fan, you can create your own PUBG server. Then share its link with your friends to build your online community.

Several security and privacy features

Discord auto-encrypts chat and data to provide privacy to its users. It uses DDoS protection and even keeps your IP address safe. If a server fails to perform, Discord will shift you to a new server automatically. This will prevent data loss.

All other necessary features

Discord app has all the features you need to enjoy a group chat. You can block messages, add friends to a server using their tags, and see friends’ suggestions.

Steps to Get SMS Verification Discord

To use the Discord app, you have to bypass SMS verification discord. For this step, Discord will ask you to add your phone number. One concern that Discord users have is that the app does not remove your number manually. Therefore, many leave it even when they do not want to.

Fortunately, you can receive a virtual number through PingMe and use it for Discord’s SMS verification. You can use the same number to call and send messages. PingMe is for people who either do not have a number or do not want to use their number to get a verification code.

Follow the simple steps described below to easily receive SMS verification online.

Step 1

Download the PingMe app from the application store. PingMe is available for android as well as iOS users. It will only take 30MBs on your phone.

Step 2

Open the PingMe app. Tap on the third icon, ‘Verification’ in the bottom menu.


Discord verification number

Step 3

Now you will see a new menu displaying three options to be filled. In the first option, ‘Select the App/Website to Validate,’ you will have to select the Discord app. You can choose any other app from the drop-down list to receive SMS verification online.

In the second option, ‘Select the Country/Region,’ choose the country whose number you want to receive. In the third option, ‘Select a Phone Number to Receive SMS,’ you need to choose a number. After filling in all options correctly, tap on the ‘Next button.

Discord security code provided by Verification code SMS helper

Step 4

Now PingMe will generate your virtual number. Enter this number in the Discord app to SMS verify discord server.

Step 5

You will soon receive a verification code in the empty text box. Enter this code in the Discord app to get started. In case you do not receive a verification code, tap on the ‘Try a New Number’ button. PingMe will generate a new number to SMS verify Discord server.

Get SMS verification without downloading the app

Don’t want to download PingMe but still need to get a verification code? No worries. We have introduced an amazing feature to help you sort out this issue. With our PingMe WebChat, now you can receive SMS verification Discord with ease. Simply click here and request a verification code for Discord or any other app of your choice.

Frequently asked questions

How does Discord work?

It allows users to communicate through voice, video, and text. You can join different Discord servers to chat with communities of similar interests. Most of Discord’s servers revolve around gaming.

Why is SMS verification on discord not working?

It could be for multiple reasons. One common reason being is that you are using a Prepaid or Landline number. You need to insert a mobile number to SMS verify Discord server. If you do not receive a code, even with a mobile number, contact Discord Support to find the reason.

How to SMS verify Discord without a phone?

You can use a virtual number from apps like PingMe to SMS verify Discord app. You do not need to own a phone to get a verification code for Discord. Just follow the five steps described in the above section to open a Discord account.

How to receive SMS verification code online?

You can receive SMS verification code online with the PingMe web app. It is a second phone number generating web app. It allows users to receive SMS verification online without adding their personal number.

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