How to Sign up for Google Voice Using a Second Phone Number
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Google Voice is a voicemail service that offers its users a Google Voice number. You can use this number to make calls, send/receive texts and voicemails. It will also allow you to receive calls from different devices. To activate Google Voice, you need to enter your number during the activation process.

People often feel reluctant to enter their personal number for Google Voice sign up. If you too are hesitant then we have a perfect solution for you. Now you can use the PingMe app to get a second number for Google Voice sign up. Want to learn how? Keep reading to find the answer!


What is Google Voice?

Google launched Google Voice in 2009 when users required a specific code to use it. Later they made this app free for people who had a Google account.

Google Voice is a very handy app that lets its users make and receive calls, texts, and voice messages. It will give you a Google Voice number that you can use for several devices. If someone dials your number (that you have synced with Google Voice) you will receive a call on Goggle Voice. It means you do not have to give separate home and office numbers. You can use Google Voice number for the same purpose.

It is a great app for people who often make national and international calls. You can save your balance through this free app and make free calls in the US and Canada. Rates of calls outside Canada and the US are also inexpensive. You can also use your personal number for Google Voice sign up.

Pros and Cons of Google Voice

There are some advantages and disadvantages of using Google Voice. Let’s find them out.


  • You can answer calls and send messages through your laptop and mobile phone device.
  • It is highly affordable for making national as well as international calls. So, it helps you to save money.
  • You can use your Google Voice number whenever you do not want to give your personal number. So it helps with privacy.
  • It transcripts your voice mails into easy to read the text.


  • It depends on the internet. So, voice quality is not as clear as it is when you call through an internet independent source.
  • Voice transcription is not always accurate.

Step-by-Step Guide to Signing up for Google Voice Using a Second Number

Acquiring a phone number for Google Voice sign up is no longer a big issue. Second phone number generating apps like PingMe help their users get a new number easily. You do not have to go through time taking and complicated steps to have a Google Voice number.
PingMe is a user-friendly and inexpensive app. You just have to follow a few simple steps to get a second phone number through this app. You can use that number for multiple purposes. For instance, you can use it to get a verification code for an online platform. Or you can use it to talk to someone with whom you don’t want to share your personal number.
Let’s see what the basic steps are of getting a second phone number through the PingMe app.

Step 1:

Download PingMe from app stores like Google Play Store, Android App Store, and Apple App Store. You can download it for free. It will take only a few MBs on your device.

Step 2:

Open the app on your phone. Choose the “Manage Phone Numbers” tab. It has a SIM card symbol which makes its identification easier. By taping on this option, you will get a new menu. Now tap on the “Verification Code SMS Helper.” You will find it on the second number in the menu list.

Step 3:

A blank form will appear on the screen. It will have three options. Fill in all of them. The first option will be “Select the App/Website To Validate.” Choose Google Voice from the drop-down list. The second option is “Select Country/Location.” Here enter the country name whose phone number you want to achieve. Now the first tap on the “Get a Phone Number” and then tap on the “Next.”

Step 4:

A virtual phone number will appear on your screen.

Step 5:

Enter this number to create your new account on Google Voice. You can use this number to make calls and sent text messages.

You can get multiple numbers by using the PingMe app. Follow the above mentioned steps again. You will receive a new number. However, to go through these steps, you will need to have PingMe credits. Buy your credits at a pocket-friendly rate and use them however you want.

Introducing New Feature Update

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Is Google Voice free?

You can use Google Voice to make free calls inside the United States and Canada. Some calls even inside the US and Canada may cost you 1 cent. So, check the number before dialing it. Every call outside the US and Canada costs a particular amount of money. You can check rates on the list provided by Google Voice.

How does Google Voice work?

You can use Google Voice to make domestic and international calls and send messages. It gives its users a Google Voice number. If someone calls on your other devices, you will still be able to receive it on your Google Voice number. You can also put your personal or a second number to use Google Voice.

How to get a second phone number for free?

Google Voice provides its users a free second phone number. You can use this number to make national and international calls. However, you will need to have a particular balance to make international calls.

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