How to Get SMS Verification from Best Buy Using a Virtual Number

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Optimize Your Verification Now!

Secure a second number for registration and verification across platforms.

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Do you want to receive a Best Buy verification code to complete purchase? Do you want to bypass Best Buy 2 step verification using a Best Buy phone number online?

In this article, we have provided a comprehensive guide to have Best Buy SMS verification using a virtual number.

How Does Best Buy Work?

Best Buy, formerly known as Sound of Music, is an American electronics retailer. It offers many electronic items, phones computing devices, and entertainment products. Today, it operates in Canada and Mexico as well. It also operated in China until 2011.

Best Buy offers a convenient shopping experience to gadget and electronics buyers. Its brand Geek Squad is known to offer accidental services, warranty services, and computer repair plans. It also offers an online forum to its consumers. It helps them share their experiences with each other. New users can also ask questions to experienced consumers. The forum has helped Best Buy to build a strong online community.

Since it operates in 50 US states, international customers can get their products picked up by someone at any US state. Today, Best Buy has around 5 Express stores in Mexico and 53 stand-alone mobile stores in Canada.

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Why Do People Love Best Buy?

Best Buy has thousands of users. They like exploring Best Buy stores and buying their products for different reasons. Some of the reasons why people love Best Buy are described below.

Best Buy offers amazing deals, coupons and promotional codes to its consumers. You can find sales on different holiday events such as Boxing Day in North America, Black Friday, etc.

You can visit their website to find guaranteed prices of Black Friday sale items.

In addition to amazing offers, Best Buy also provides a same-day delivery service. It helps its consumers get access to their products without unnecessary delays. You can also find a free next-day delivery feature on different items.

Best Buy launches Deal of the Day almost every day. Here, you can find discounts on different items every other day.

Bypass Best Buy SMS Verification with a Virtual Phone Number

Online scams and frauds have become quite common these days. You must try your best to keep yourself protected from them. One of the possible ways of protecting your sensitive information is to avoid giving your personal number to online platforms.

For this, you should use a virtual number instead of your personal number. You will still be safe if fraudsters get access to your virtual number. There are different applications or online platforms that produce virtual numbers. One of these applications is PingMe.

Below is the simple guide to requesting a Best Buy phone number online using PingMe.

Step 1

You need a second phone number generating app to get a Best Buy verification code to complete purchase. PingMe is a user-friendly app that generates virtual numbers at reasonable costs. Apple users can find the app on the Apple Store. Similarly, Android users can get it from Google Play Store.

So, download and install the app on your phone.

Step 2

After completing the first step, open the PingMe app. Now, tap on the navigation bar to get Best Buy SMS verification. After this, tap on the “Verification” option.

Step 3

A new screen will appear on your phone. It will have three options that need to be filled. In the first option, you need to enter the app name to get a Best Buy phone number online. The first option reads “Select the App/Website to Validate.”

Now, move to the next option that reads “Select the Country/Region.” In this option, enter the name of the country whose Best Buy phone number online you want. Now, move to the last option that reads “Select the Phone Number to Receive SMS.”

Tap on the “Next” button if you have filled all the above options to bypass Best Buy 2 step verification.

Step 4

After this, you will get a Best Buy phone number. Copy this number. Paste it to verification setting. And then you can get the Best Buy verification code to complete purchase.

Step 5

Now, you will receive a Best Buy verification code to complete purchase. This code will appear in an empty text box in the PingMe app. Copy this code and paste it to Best Buy 2 step verification setting. Your profile will soon get verified.

Many users get their Best Buy SMS verification on the first attempt. However, sometimes due to an unexpected error, some users may not receive the code. If that happens to you too, then tap on the “Try a New Number” button. Now, you will have to follow steps 2 to 5 again.

Also, make sure you have a PingMe balance before requesting a Best Buy phone number online. You need to have $2.49 to get a USA, Canada, and UK-based virtual number for one month.

Get Best Buy Verification Codes Online

In case you cannot download the PingMe app to your phone, you can still request a Best Buy phone number online. For this, go to the PingMe WebChat. Fill in the requested options. Lastly, click on the “Get Verification Code” button.

If you want to use PingMe for another app, visit our help center by clicking here.


1. What is Best Buy 2 step verification?

Best Buy 2 step verification is a verification step that gives protection to an account. If you activate this feature, you will receive a Best Buy verification code to complete purchase. You will receive this code via text on your Best Buy phone number online. Best Buy will send you different backup codes via Best Buy SMS verification. You can use each code only once.

2. Can I use the same virtual number on PingMe for the long term?

Yes, you can. PingMe offers many flexible plans to its users to acquire UK, US, and Canada-based numbers. Please visit our website to find out our rates and plans. You can also check them on our PingMe app.

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