How to Get a Fiverr Verification Code without using a Real Phone Number

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Optimize Your Verification Now!

Secure a second number for registration and verification across platforms.

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Fiverr is an online commercial center for independent workers (freelancers). The organization gives a stage to freelancers to offer services to clients around the world. The site uses a method to verify phone numbers using the Fiverr verification code. At the same time, many people share their numbers. However, numerous individuals are still skeptical of providing their credentials to a novel site. Such people tend to use a fake phone number or a disposable phone number.

What is Fiverr? And how is it used?

The site was launched in mid-2010 and, by 2012, was facilitating over 1.3 million gigs. The site transaction volume has become 600% since 2011. Also, has been positioned among the best 100 most well-known sites in the US and the top 200 on the planet since the start of 2013.

Fiverr is a digital marketplace center that assists individuals with completing work. Organizations and people can utilize Fiverr for access to countless “sellers,” who are capable individuals across the world, offering their services as freelancers to new companies, private ventures, and entrepreneurs, or “buyers.”

The estimation of Fiverr is the capacity to outsource projects. They can pick somebody on Fiverr and complete work on schedule and inside their price range.

As per ZenPayroll, organizations can spare as much as 30% in finance costs by utilizing freelancers contrasted to paying a full-time employee for the same activity. Fiverr interfaces you to an organization of gifted individuals to handle your positions, leaving you to focus on the master plan.

For security purposes, Fiverr sends a verification code to your registered phone number. Still, as you know, various concerns revolve around the security of sharing personal details. Below are some mentioned concerns which anyone can face if they share their number.

Concerns if you use the personal phone number

● An attacker could utilize the personal data fed in your phone number to deceive a client support representative into porting your number onto another SIM card. This illegal practice called SIM swapping.

● A hijacker with control of your phone number could then break into your account. On the off chance that you had mechanisms set up to get a security code in a notification when signing in to an online store, you might receive an alert.

● Likewise, a hacker could utilize your registered phone number to fool anyone from your family into sharing their passwords or sending cash.

● An intruder could utilize information on your phone number to call your voice mail inbox and attempt to split the individual ID number to tune in to your messages.

How to get a Fiverr Verification Code without using Real Phone Number?

You have solely one way of joining on Fiverr. That is through your phone number. On the occasion that you’re stressed over security or privacy, you can connect with disposable phone numbers. On the off chance that you are a client who is continually restless about their online security, presently comes the noteworthy part, which is to get a fake or disposable phone number through websites or applications for registration. Some different websites and applications will let you port your phone number while accepting voice calls and messages on the web. For circumstances when it is a one-time confirmation thing, using a number that isn’t linked to your phone might be ideal. Luckily, a few websites offer services where you can get a text sent to another phone number.

Applications and sites: Using an online SMS service is simple. You should simply note down the number they have given and offer it to the service or individual that expects you to join through your mobile. After a short period, your much-anticipated content will be gotten alongside the confirmation code.

PingMe is one such platform that helps you get the code without utilizing a real phone number.

Stage 1:

Download the PingMe application. It is accessible on the Android Application Store, the Google Play Store, and the Apple Application Store.

Stage 2:

Under the Manage Phone Numbers tab (SIM card image), tap on Verification Code SMS Assistant.

Stage 3:

Select the application or site from which you want to get a verification code. By then, pick the country/district and a phone number.

Stage 4:

In the wake of clicking immediately, the application will have delivered a phone number for you to get your code from. Enter that phone number into the application/site you have decided to get the Fiverr verification code.

Stage 5:

The verification code SMS will appear in the empty text field. Submit the verification code into the registration field of Fiverr, and your work is finished! If you didn’t get any number or code, tap the ‘Try a New Number’ button.

That is about it! Congratulations on getting your new verification code! Should you decide to get another verification code, first finish stages from two through five once more, and it will make another disposable number to get the code. Be that as it may, you can’t utilize the same phone number for more than one Fiverr account. That is the motivation behind why sites like PingMe serve good. Suppose you have to eradicate your old profile and substitute it with another, download PingMe, to generate a disposable phone number to register on Fiverr. Subsequently, you can dispose of the old account and begin working with your new one.

Conclusion Fiverr Verification Code

Thus, you can join on Fiverr or some other online platforms without sharing your real phone number. For people who are very cautious about their details, using the techniques referenced above can help them appreciate the web’s enticements without keeping their data in question.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does the verification process take long?

No, the process is pretty straightforward, and you will appreciate the platform in a brief timeframe.

2. Is it possible to use two phone numbers at the same time for verification?

No, it’s impractical to have two phone numbers included simultaneously for the verification code. Here’s the place we prove to be useful as PingMe will help you in your enrollment process. Your account can get a code to only one number so that you can include each digit in turn. On the off chance that the phone number doesn’t work, you can discard it and get another one.

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