How to Bypass SMS Verification for Bigo Live Using a Virtual Number
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Optimize Your Verification Now!

Secure a second number for registration and verification across platforms.

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Getting a Bigo Live verification code via a Bigo virtual phone number has become super-easy with apps like PingMe. You can use PingMe to request a Bigo SMS verification code or second phone number in only a few simple steps.

Read the article to find how to bypass SMS verification for Bigo Live by using PingMe.

What is Bigo Live?

Bigo Live is a Singapore-based application that allows its users to provide a live stream of their activities anytime, anywhere in the world. You can use the app to connect to strangers as well as your friends. Here are the key pros of using the Bigo Live app:

  • The app has a simple and user-friendly interface making it easier for people to use it to connect to others.
  • You can read your viewers’ comments during a live stream and have a real-time chat.
  • This platform allows users to send and receive virtual gifts.
  • Bigo Live offers different options to make money online.
  • The live video has a high quality, improving the user experience more.
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Why Do People Love Bigo Live?

Millions of people around the globe like Bigo Live. It is mainly because:

  • People can start a live stream with only a few clicks. Since Bigo has millions of users, finding the right audience for your content will not be an issue here.
  • You can also receive live SMS and respond to them during a live video. There are several cool stickers and emojis you can add to express yourself better.
  • The app can be used as a messenger app as well. You can chat with streamers and other people and add them to your friend list if you want to.
  • When you do not want to live stream, you can watch other live broadcasts and comment to share your views.
  • You can receive rewards from your fans and supporters. You can also send virtual gifts.
  • People can invite any of your friends to come live with you on the Bigo Live app.

Bypassing Bigo Live SMS Verification Codes with PingMe

Bigo Live is a free application that millions of people use every day. Though it is a safe platform, you should still be extra cautious while using this platform to chat with strangers.

Since you do not know whether the other person is trustworthy or not, it is better not to share your personal number with them on the Bigo Live app. Instead, use a Bigo virtual phone number that can offer you privacy and security in the online world.

Here is the step-by-step guide to using the PingMe app to get a Bigo virtual phone number and Bigo SMS verification code.

Step 1:

Download a Bigo virtual phone number generating app. PingMe is a virtual phone number producing app. It is free to download and available at Google Play Store and App Store. So, get it via the Play Store if you are an android user and download it from the App Store if you have an iPhone.

Step 2: 

Open the PingMe app to request a Bigo virtual phone number and receive a Bigo Live verification code on it. Find the ‘Verification’ option from the navigation bar and then tap on it.

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Step 3: 

A new screen having different options will appear on your phone. Enter the required information here so that the app can generate a suitable Bigo virtual phone number for you to Bigo receive SMS.

Enter Bigo Live in the first option that says ‘Select the App/Website to Validate.’ Choose the country or area whose Bigo virtual phone number you need in the next option that says ‘Select the Country/Region’

Now, select a phone number in the next option that says ‘Select the Phone Number to Receive SMS.’ You will receive your Bigo SMS verification code on this number.

Tap the ‘Next’ button to give PingMe permission to produce a Bigo virtual phone number for you.

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Step 4:

A Bigo virtual phone number will appear on your phone’s screen. Note down this number. Now, open the Bigo Live app. Go to its verification settings and enter the Bigo virtual phone number that you just received. Tap on the ‘Send Code’ button to get a Bigo Live verification code or Bigo receives SMS.

bet365 sms verification

Step 5: 

Copy the number you just received in the empty textbox of the PingMe app. Enter it in the verification settings of the Bigo app. Your account will be verified within a few seconds if you have already entered other required information.

If you do not receive a Bigo SMS verification code in a few minutes, you should request another Bigo virtual phone number by going through the above steps again.

Receive Bigo Live Verification Codes Online

People who do not want to download the PingMe app for one reason or another can still request a virtual number to receive Bigo Live verification code. If you want to receive a verification code without phone or downloading the app, open our web app and request a code as you want.  

You can watch this short tutorial video to learn how to get a verification code using a virtual phone number.


What Should I do if I Can’t Verify My Phone Number?

Check if you are entering the correct phone number or not. Make sure you have not created another account on the same number. If you are entering the correct number and still failing to get a verification code, it is best to connect to the Bigo Live support via their WhatsApp number.

Is Bigo Live Good for Kids?

Bigo Live is more suitable for adults for many reasons. Most of its content is mature and sometimes vulgar, which is certainly not good for kids. Your kids can also unknowingly send money to any stranger using the app.

Is Bigo Live a Dating App?

Bigo is a video streaming app, not a dating app.

Can I Make Money on Bigo Live?

Yes, you can if you have good communication skills and talent to make money online. If you are popular on Bigo Live, your fans will send you virtual gifts that you can transform into real money. You can also make money on Bigo Live by working as a host or recruiter.

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