How to bypass SMS verification code for Google using a Second Number

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Optimize Your Verification Now!

Secure a second number for registration and verification across platforms.

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Do you want to bypass the SMS verification code for Google without using your personal number? What if we tell you that you can get a virtual number for SMS verification Google? With apps like PingMe, you can generate second phone numbers. Then use these numbers to get text Google verification code.

In this article, we have provided a simple guide to receive SMS verification online. Keep reading to bypass the SMS verification code by using a second number.


What is Google verification code?

In this modern technology, hackers use advanced techniques to hijack a Google account. To protect your Google account from them, Google uses a verification code. This code is called Google verification code.

It is a numeric code that Google can send either on your number or your email address. In day-to-day use, Google will not ask you to provide a verification code. There are different situations in which Google sends this code. In the next section, we have described all such situations.

When does Google ask for a Google verification code?

Google will ask you to provide a verification code in the following cases.

To reset your password

Hackers can change your Google account password and stop you from using it anymore. To protect you from this problem, Google will send you a text Google verification code on your number. You will have to enter this number in Google to change your password. Google will also send you this code if you have forgotten your password.

When two-step authentication is enabled

People who have enabled two-step authentication will also have to enter this code. Every time you log in from your device, you will receive a code for SMS verification Google. Uncheck this feature if you do not want to receive this code every time you log in.

When you create a new Google account

To make sure that you are not a robot but a human, Google will send you a verification code. You will have to enter that verification code to create and get access to your new Google account. You do not have to enter your personal number for this verification. Second phone number generating apps like PingMe can help you get a new number without a SIM card.

When you log in from a different device

To make sure that the person logging in from a new device is you, Google will send you a verification code. You will get access to your Google account through your new device online if you enter this code.

Steps to bypass SMS verification code for Google using a second number

Apps like PingMe have made using a second number to get text verification code easier for all. PingMe is a very economical and user-friendly app. It generates secondary phone numbers to use where you don’t want to use your personal number. You can make calls and receive SMS verification online through this virtual number.
PingMe is an easy-to-use app. Its interface is simple and easy. You do not have to follow complicated steps to get a second phone number through this app. Just follow the steps described below as it is. You will soon get a second number and a text Google verification code through that number.

Step 1:

Download the PingMe application from Google Play Store or App Store.

Step 2:

Open the PingMe app and tap on the “Manage Phone Numbers” option. A menu having four options will appear on your device’s screen. Tap on the second option, “Verification Code SMS Helper.” Again, new options will appear on your screen.

Step 3:

Fill out the options that will appear on your phone’s screen. The first option will be “Select the App/Website to Validate.” Here, select Google from the drop-down list. If you want to receive SMS verification online for any other app or website, then select that app.

The second option is “Select Country/Region.” Here choose the country name whose number you want to achieve. The third option is “Select the Phone Number to Receive Number.” Now select the number you wish to use for SMS verification Google. After filling out these three options, tap the “Next” button.

Step 4:

Now PingMe app will produce a virtual number for you. Enter this number to get a text Google verification code.

Step 5:

You will get a text verification code in the empty text field. Put this verification code into Google to start using your Google account. In case you do not receive any verification code, tap on the “Try a New Number” button. PingMe will generate a number that you can use to receive SMS verification online. You need to have a certain PingMe balance in order to generate a new phone number.

PingMe WebChat – Get a second phone number with more ease

PingMe has introduced an amazing feature, “WebChat,” for its users. By using this feature, you can get a second number even without downloading the PingMe app. You will simply have to put your requirements in the WebChat. It will generate a virtual number in no time.

FAQs about Google Verification

What is Google verification code text?

A Google verification code text is a message that Google sends on your phone. This text has a small numeric code that you have to enter for the verification.

How to verify Google Voice outside of the US?

At present, Google Voice is available only to US citizens. However, you can still use it if you have a US number. You can get a US number through apps like PingMe. After this, download a US-based proxy server. It will help you to have a US location. Now create your Google Voice account by using the US number you generated through PingMe.

How to receive SMS verification code online?

You can receive SMS verification code online by using the PingMe web app. You do not have to use your personal number for online verification. PingMe can generate a virtual number for you. Follow the above-mentioned step-by-step guide to receive a verification code through PingMe.

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