We Received Your Request!

We have received your message and would like to thank you for contacting us. If your inquiry is urgent, please call 1(866)-677-3477 to talk to one of our staff members.

Otherwise, we will contact you by email for the porting process. 

Please make sure your e-mail won’t filter us! Please check your “Spam” folder. If you find our email there, select the confirmation message and click “Not Spam.” This will help future messages to get through.

Important things to keep in mind when porting your number: 

1. There’s no service interruption during the porting process. You’ll be able to continue using your number with your current provider until the agreed upon port date and time.

2. Do not cancel your account with your current provider before or during the porting process as it will interrupt your service. Once the port is complete, you’ll be able to cancel no problem.

3. You need Internet access (wifi or cellular data from a local carrier) to use PingMe. If you’re porting your personal phone number to PingMe, you’ll need to get a data-only plan to accompany it.

4. PingMe doesn’t offer emergency call services (eg 911). You’ll need to use your personal phone number in those cases.