Having secondary phone numbers have become quite a necessity now. Whether it is for security purpose or business purpose, a secondary phone number is required. The question is, how can you get a secondary phone number in your phone?

More importantly, can you even get a secondary phone number if you have an iPhone? Yes, you can. There are two ways you could approach that, get the latest iPhone x with dual SIM, or download an app from app store such as PingMe. But what are the various and most simplest way to do this? Now that’s a good question. When it comes to extra plug-ins, iPhones are tricky that way.

While in the past it looked like a very hard task, now it has become very easy to get a secondary phone number on your iPhone. This article will give you a good idea on how to get a secondary phone number on your iPhone.

The latest iPhone models, such as the iPhone X allows dual sim so you can have two phone numbers natively. Another way to do this is by downloading apps that allow secondary phone number, such as PingMe.

Apps like this provide another layer of privacy to your caller identity and keeps it hidden. You can limit the audience who can view your personal phone number such as family, close friends, colleagues and peers. For work and business, you can easily use an alternative phone number.

To get a better insight regarding how to get a secondary phone number for your iPhone, keep reading this article. It will provide you with the most appropriate methods.

What is the need for a secondary phone number?

Nowadays people want a secondary phone number for many reasons. When you start a new business, it is natural to be tempted to share your phone number in your business card with everyone. While there seems nothing wrong with the idea of giving out your personal phone number, it has drawbacks too.


it is not advisable to keep your personal and business contacts together; they must be separate. All the messages and calls are better kept separate. Mixing them will cause interruptions in your personal life. While your business may flourish, your personal life will be hampered.


The outside world is not a safe ground to share your personal phone number. Now, phone numbers are enough to procure various information, thus there is a concern of security. In many cases, only personal phone numbers were enough to hack into personal accounts.

Phone numbers also involve the use of two-factor authentication and login. Anyone having access to your phone number can easily get access to a lot of your accounts such as Gmail and Facebook. In fact, this can be a target for malicious hackers. Thus, keeping two phone numbers is necessary.

The Trending

The trend of going digital is also another factor that has pushed the need to have a secondary phone number. Nowadays, there are many apps providing various sort of services. Whether it is online dating or ride sharing, such as Uber or Craigslist, there is an app for every purpose. All these apps require your phone number to function, and you might not want to share your personal phone number in public places like these. It is also not recommended to do so as these numbers can easily spread from one place to another, from a safe one to the wrong hands.

While keeping two phones for two phone numbers is a solution, carrying them might be bulky and expensive, especially if you are habituated to using an iPhone. You have to answer two phones, keep track of calls, keep sufficient money in two phones and load both with necessary applications. Moreover, two phones may ring at the same time giving you a hard time! It seems like the drawbacks outweigh the benefits.

Android and iPhone are the two main operating systems available to smartphone users worldwide. While Android users have had the option of using dual sim since the very beginning of the Android era, iPhone only recently provided this option with their latest iPhone X.

It is needless to say that upgrading an iPhone to the newer models is an expensive task. So what about the previous models of iPhone that people are using? How can they get a secondary phone number? For one thing, they can use applications available in the App store.

The difference between secondary phone numbers and free calls

Just as we need secondary phone numbers to use some apps, there are certain apps that also provide these services. The most common of these are Facebook Messenger, Line, WeChat, Viber and WhatsApp. These apps do not essentially provide a separate phone number but provide similar features, which work over Wi-Fi.

Let us take Facebook Messenger for example – from the many options Messenger provides, such as sharing picture and videos, calling is one of them. When you make a call, your account information such as your name will be displayed as the caller identity. Synchronizing it with a phone number is not mandatory.

 On the other hand, secondary phone numbers are used to hide the caller identity. This works as an additional layer of privacy and keeps your main number hidden, and your caller id will be anonymous, working as a second line on your phone. This is like keeping two numbers and also being able to hide your caller identity whenever you will.

Another key difference between secondary phone numbers and these applications is the quality of calls for the two. Secondary phone numbers typically have a better call quality. Other applicatons serve various purposes such as Facebook Messenger has a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 only due to the poor quality of calls.

Thus, if you are a busy person who has to contact suppliers or customers a lot, you might want to get yourself a secondary phone number. Alternatively, perhaps if you are someone who enjoys taking online services like buying and selling, online dating or car rides, then the secondary phone number will be useful for you. Whether you plan to use it to handle your business or your personal life, secondary phone number do come in handy.

However, how can you get one on your iPhone? There are many apps that provide secondary phone numbers, one of which is PingMe. 

More about PingMe

PingMe is a popular app that provides low-cost international calling rates to any mobile or landline number. It provides services in thousands of destinations around the world including India, Bangladesh, Canada, USA, UAE, Philippines and China.

PingMe also provides attractive offers and plans. Currently, they have a promotional offer of lower call rates in selected countries where calling traffic is generally high. Other active offers include “earn money by inviting friends”. While using PingMe, if you invite a friend, both you and your friend will receive calling credit to make free calls.

This also means that every new member who was invited will initially start off the PingMe experience with newly added free vale in his or her account. The more friends you invite, the larger is the credit. New users also get $0.20 free just to try the PingMe calling service

PingMe brings you the cheapest call rates anywhere in the world to make local and international calls. With this multi-cloud based VoIP service provider, make local and international calls free of charge. Starting from $0.0075 per minute in Canada to $0.18 per minute in Nigeria, PingMe has a variety of cheap rates for you to make international calls.

Here is a list of the calling rates charged by PingMe all over the world:


Calling Rate:


US $0.021 per minute


US $0.019 per minute


US $0.0085 per minute


US $0.05 per minute or US $ 0.03 per minute Eco


US $0.0075 per minute


US $0.25 per minute


US $0.18 per minute


US $0.20 per minute


Why Choose PingMe?

Other than cheap calling rates and a secondary phone number, PingMe has much more to offer. PingMe has some exciting features that will make your communication experience a better one. Some of the features provided by PingMe are:

Great Voice Quality:

PingMe offers great voice quality through GenVoice Platform. You can use your secondary phone number and enjoy calls without any interruption and clear connection. This is great for business calls when talking to your clients. Interrupted audio signals and unclear voice lacks professionalism and can ruin the mood of business discussions. What is worse is that it can lead to bad decisions also.

PingMe claims to provide a 100% quality guarantee with the use of their latest telecommunication technology. With PingMe keep the professionalism intact and have worthwhile business discussions.

Call Any Number

As with many other apps, it is necessary that both parties have the application installed. For example, it would be impossible for you to call someone who does not have Messenger using the app even if you do. Such is not the case with PingMe. There is no requirement of both parties having the same application installed. You can call any mobile number or even landline number. These calls also come with extremely cheap calling rates.

Hide your identity

With the PingMe app, you can hide your caller identity. More so, you can hide the fact that you are using PingMe to make calls. You can choose to display your mobile number instead when you are making a call. The person on the other side would assume you called normally from your phone number. In this way, you can enjoy calling at cheap rates even in a professional portfolio.

Synchronize Contacts

If you are assuming that adding a secondary phone number is as burdensome as changing the phone number, then you are mistaken. Adding a secondary phone number involves no burden at all. With PingMe you can easily synchronize contacts in your phone contacts and they will be shared with your new app. There is no need to shift contacts, as the app will take care of everything.

No Ads!

In a time where we are literally unable to watch a video at our own will without viewing an ad, this is probably the most relieving feature. PingMe will not annoy you with a constant display of advertisements or pop up ads. PingMe is totally ad-free and does not allow ads to be shown, so that you can have a seamless and uninterrupted communication experience.

Free Stuff

Who does not like free stuff? From kids to even the rich, free things make everyone happy. Even if you are not using the app and you just check in on PingMe every day, you can still earn rewards and points. These credits will be added to your account balance.

The best part is that this balance never expires. You can keep it for as long as you want and use it whenever you like. Other than this, PingMe comes with a trial option. Install it and use it for a few days, if you do not like it you can uninstall it; easy as that.

No Hidden Charges

Many other secondary phone number providers have hidden charges that they do not mention but deduct from your account balance anyway. PingMe has no such hidden charges and you will be charged only for the minutes you talk. Furthermore, the minutes are rounded to the nearest minute so if you talk for less than half a minute, you save yourself money!


How to start using PingMe?

Getting started with PingMe involves only three easy steps. First, you have to download PingMe. The app is available on both Google Play Store and the App Store. Soon, it will be available in the Amazon App Store as well. It works with Google Cloud and Amazon web service (AWS) Platform in order to give you an unprecedented call experience with cloud-powered security.

Next, you need to sign in by providing all the necessary information. There you have it, your own PingMe account! All there is left to do is try your first call completely free, provided by their introductory complementary credits.