There are times when you need to protect your phone number from the outside world. Be it for security, personal or business purposes, a lot of us have faced this situation. Nonetheless, the question is, how can you do that? Is it even possible? Is the process complicated and does it require fees? Can you actually hide your identity from other callers?

The easy and simple answer to your question is yes, you can hide your caller identity, and using a second phone number instead. you can perform this task using a simple app. Nowadays there are specialized applications to hide your phone or caller identity. This is termed as having a secondary phone number. This works as an additional layer of privacy and keeps your main number hidden, and your caller id will be anonymous, working as a second line on your phone.

If you prefer to share your personal number with only family, close friends, colleagues and peers, then this sort of app is just right for you. The best part is that using these apps are free of charge!

To understand more about secondary phone numbers, how they work and which are the best apps providing this service, keep reading. This article will give you straightforward answers to all your questions.

PingMe with second phone number

PingMe is a popular app that provides low-cost international calling rates to any mobile or landline number. It provides services in thousands of destinations around the world including India, Bangladesh, Canada, USA, UAE, Philippines and China. PingMe also provides attractive offers and plans. For instance, they currently have a promotional offer of lower call rates in selected countries.

In PingMe, if you invite a friend, both you and your friend will receive calling credit to make free calls. The more friends you invite, the larger is the credit. With this multi-cloud based VoIP service provider, make local and international calls free of charge.

Talkatone with second phone number

Talkatone is downloadable from both the App Store and Google Play Store. It has millions of users worldwide who benefit from calling and texting over WiFi and not paying for cell minutes. Talkatone allows you to make international calls while roaming free of charge and provides a good connection even in areas where there is bad coverage. Their vision is to make communication easier and affordable.

Talkatone is the only app offering true in and out of network communications, this means that both parties do not necessarily have to have the app installed in order to communicate.

Burner with second phone number

Burner provides its users with temporary phone numbers that they can use as they please and this protects the actual, personal number. It is common to use this while attaining public activities like online dating, buying and selling or travelling. This works by intercepting calls on the Burner app and channelling them to your mobile phone while simultaneously hiding your actual number.

Burner also has attractive offers such as unlimited 1 – 3 lines monthly plans. It also offers a seven-day trial period and comes with a free secondary number for new users. Alternatively, you can sign up for a permanent number that is automatically renewed every month. 

Google Voice for second phone number in USA

Google Voice is Google’s personal service of providing secondary phone numbers, made available only to Android phones. You can use this to make free texts, voice calls and send voicemail. Like all other Google services, this only requires you to have a Google account which is active. It has a forwarding feature with which you can forward all text messages, voicemails and Google Voice calls to your office or personal phone number.

Although Google Voice doesn’t cost you any actual money, any outgoing calls you make via the app will use minutes from your current phone plan. After completing an easy setup procedure, you can use this free number for as long as you want.

Line2 with second phone number

Line2 is a very simple app that functions by installing a new number on your phone without the need of an additional sim card so you can put your old tablet to good use. Due to its widespread usage, you can use this number separately for business purposes or job searches.

Line2 offers an introductory promotional offer to new users where they can avail 1500 minutes of free talk time. It is easy to set up and does not include any hidden charges. Transferring numbers to this app is also easy, providing functionality for its users.

Skype Number with second phone number

Probably the oldest service in this list, Skype still stands strong and agile in its line of services. Getting a Skype number is easy and takes only a few minutes but the benefits it brings will go on for years to come. With a Skype secondary number, attain a higher level of professionalism by getting a professional number for your office.

You can use this number to make international calls to international clients and business partners. As it is free, you do not have to worry about costs. This is available in many countries and regions.   

Secondary Phone Numbers and Security

In today’s world of fast technological development, almost all operations are done digitally. Having a secondary phone number serves a great purpose of security, especially now. Phone numbers are no longer used only to make calls and send messages. They also have security purposes such as two-factor authentication and verification of signing in.

Furthermore, many apps and services require a phone number for the creation of an account. Having a secondary phone number ensures you do not have to share your personal phone number with so many outsiders.

Sometimes it is also a concern of personal security while having to share your personal phone number at so many places. For example, females at work do not feel very comfortable to do so. Not only in work, but also while taking services such as ridesharing or shopping online. You can have multiple lines and phone numbers on a single phone and do not have to sign up for multiple phone lines and handsets from your carrier. Having a secondary phone number takes all the measures.


Q: Are secondary phone numbers safe?

A: One of the prime functions of having a secondary phone number is to ensure your safety and improve it. Secondary phone numbers put a veil on your identity and limit people from knowing your actual phone number. This effectively keeps hackers and stalkers away. Thus, secondary phone numbers are not only safe but enhance the level of your phone safety.

Q: How is it free if I have to pay for minutes?

A: To better understand this, look at it from this perspective. You are using free internet in your homes with your Wi-Fi router but you still have to pay some fees right? Similarly, secondary phone numbers are free in the sense you are not charged minute wise, but can make unlimited domestic and international calls using the internet. The package rates are extremely low in comparison to the cost that would have incurred were it charged minute wise.

Q: Do secondary phone numbers have limitations on country boundaries?

A: No. As secondary phone numbers essentially function via mobile applications and require an internet connection, they do not have limitations on country borders. Furthermore, many apps such as PingMe offers lucrative call rates for popular destinations were the number of calls made are highest. India, USA and China tops this list.

Q: Do people get more benefits than costs by using a secondary phone number?

A: Yes, of course. In fact, this is the main reason why secondary phone numbers and apps providing them are spreading so rapidly. Although there are many apps, the best to provide its services stands at the forefront. Surely, it benefits both the parties thus so many new ones are created.

With globalization and industrialization on the rise, people no longer stick to their domestic sim numbers other than for familial reasons. With secondary phone numbers comes the benefit of making cheap international calls.