Call Indian Number from the United States at Cheaper Rates

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Blog Posts

If you are someone living in the United States and either trade with India or have relatives living there, you are also someone who constantly searches for cheaper modes of communication with them. What are the ways to do this? How much cost can you actually cut by looking for cheaper means to communicate? Do these methods work in the end?

Well, the good news for you is that your search ends here. Read along to find out the answers to these questions. And start calling an India number from the United States just as low as $0.18/minute. The are multiple apps  that you could trust, but we highly recommend PingMe as your primary phone call app, not because it’s the cheapest but the best calling quality.

Trade between India and the United States is a common and rising phenomenon. As businesses flourish in one of the world’s most developed country and one of the fastest developing countries in the world, there exists a greater need for communication. While in trade, business people are always looking for ways to cut down on expenses, not compromising with quality at the same time.

Not only trade, with the cross flow of cultures and globalization, but there are also millions of Indians living in the United States. Whether people migrate with their families or send their kids over for higher education, or people in general shift for a better quality of life, the number of Indian immigrants to the United States has been on the rise. With this comes the need for better, faster and cheaper modes of communication.

Let’s see how can one achieve this.

How can you make calls to India at cheap rates from the United States, keeping in mind the necessity of a good network connection? The straightforward answer to this is, yes of course you can. That too, not only in one way but many.

There are many ways to make calls to Indian numbers in cheap rates from the United States. There exists apps, calling cards and VoIP services. But finding the best pick for you can be difficult, ensuring both cheap rates and good quality network.

Here we will narrow down your options to the best, most suitable ones. So if you want to know more, then keep reading. The purpose of this article is to enlighten you regarding this matter.

Calling to India from the United States at the Cheapest Rates

The following is a list of the best apps and services that will let you make calls to India at the cheapest rates.

Google Voice

Google has been making communication easier since forever. To its line of amazing services such as Gmail, Google Drive and the lot, Google Voice is another addition, which focuses on providing quality communication and calls at cheapest rates. We are all familiar with voice calling services and apps such as Viber and WhatsApp, with which you can call both international and local numbers at cheap rates.

Google Voice works in a similar manner, although not completely free. The voice quality it provides justifies its very cheap rates. If you want to make calls from the United States to India, it will cost you only 1 cent from mobile to mobile. On the other hand, if you make calls to a landline number in India, it will be the double the cost that is 2 cents.

All you need to be able to use this amazing service is a Google Voice account. In order to start making calls, visit the Google Voice website and log into your account. Then dial your desired number.

Furthermore, you will also require a mobile phone, VOIP adapter and standard phone. You need to connect the cordless phone, adapter and broadband connection. Just as easily you can make calls using this efficient service by Google. As an added advantage, you can also send voicemails using Google Voice.


Vonage is a popular VoIP phone that uses VoIP technology to make international calls. To use this you will need three things, much like Google Voice. You will require a Vonage adapter, which you can purchase from their website, a cordless phone and a broadband connection.

Vonage offers limitless calls to landline numbers at very cheap rates. It provides its services to over 50 countries worldwide. Within these countries, you can make unlimited calls to landline numbers and to mobile numbers for a set limit of 10 minutes. Vonage offers unlimited talk time for both landline and mobile phones within India at very affordable rates.

If you are frequent caller from India to the United States, such as calling daily or at least more than three times a week, then Vonage is the right choice for you. Do not worry about talk time also because even after talking for long hours, your monthly charge will amount only up to $29.

Vonage also has a special voicemail service, which ensures that you never miss a voicemail. Along with recording it in your mobile device, Vonage will also send an audio file of the voicemail to your email address. In this way, check your voicemail also while you check your emails. This dual checking system ensures that you never miss an important voice mail.

Other than all these great services, Vonage also provides a wireless handset with its package. If you choose to go for a one year contract, then for the first six months you can enjoy a special rate of only $9.99. Lastly, you do not need any special equipment to use Vonage as you can make and take calls using their mobile application from anywhere. So if you want an excellent array of services at the best rates, Vonage is the way to go.   

Skype Mobile App

Skype needs no introduction, as it is a very popular app, probably one of the oldest, most popular and commonly used apps when it comes to voice and video calling. A big advantage is that you can use both your desktop and mobile phone to make calls with Skype. Skype offers cheap rates to make international calls and Indians living in the United States use this app regularly.

You might be confused whether Skype is free or not. To answer your question, technically yes Skype is free, but only Skype to Skype calls are free of any charge. Many people do not know that it has a paid option, which provides an even better service than the regular Skype. With this version of Skype, you can make both landline and mobile calls to any country and the person on the other end does not have to use the Skype app.    

For India, Skype offers two affordable options; one is a paid as you go rate and another is a monthly subscription option. The pay as you go rate will deduct the balance from your account as you spend, whenever you talk. In India, the pay as you go plan rate is 1.5¢ per minute to any mobile or landline.

As for the monthly subscription, there are three plans, which are $1.42 per month for 120 minutes, the second option is $8.9/ month for 800 minutes and the third option is $19.99 per month for 2500 minutes. Furthermore, it also provides a one month free trial period, so you can back off from services if it does not suffice your needs.

If you are looking for an affordable way to communicate using both voice and video calling services, and make calls to both mobile numbers and landline phones, then Skype is the perfect way to go.

PingMe Mobile App

PingMe is a specialized mobile app that lets you make calls to India at cheap rates, not only from the United States but from anywhere in the world. PingMe works differently than most other apps. They operate using a patented technology called the PingMe Smart Dials technology that uses your regular minute plan to call local numbers.

Firstly, you need to give them your selected phone number and they will register you so you could select a local number. After this, you are ready to make calls. When you call a local Indian number, it will automatically charge you through your remaining credits.

The best part is, you can use this feature to set up calls for over 200 countries. Even while you are travelling, you do not need to worry about missing any important calls. You can connect to the internet or WiFi or use your data plan.   

The rates charged by PingMe are also very inexpensive. You can purchase 1000 minutes talk time for only a mere $9.99. Other than that, they have a monthly plan, which will cost you $9.99 a month to make unlimited calls to both landline and mobile numbers in India. PingMe also provides unlimited calls to the US with every plan that they offer.  

PingMe App provides more features such as call recording feature. With this, you can save, download and share your calls. Furthermore, you can send and receive messages using your local phone number. PingMe app also features a user-friendly interface that will make handling calls for both business and personal communication easy and fast.

So, if you are looking for an easy, reliable and affordable international calling service, then you can set your hopes high for PingMe Mobile App.     

Viber and WhatsApp

These are world-renowned apps to make calls. Viber and WhatsApp are both mobile apps that let you make free international and local calls. They are also very simple to use. After downloading them and providing the necessary information, you need to save the contacts in your phone book and they will automatically be updated in your Viber and WhatsApp contacts.

They also provide easy “invite friends” option to invite people who do not use these apps. You can use these to call, send messages, SMS and share media with other users. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection, and making calls is completely free without any country boundary.

Android, Windows, IOS and Blackberry all support these apps. However, both ends have to have these applications involved. Both these apps have been around for a very long time and have pioneered the industry of free calls over WiFi. These are reliable, affordable and easy to use applications that are suitable to call not only to India, but to any other country globally.     

International Calling Cards

International calling cards are similar to the prepaid sim cards used in India such as Reliance or Vodafone. However, these cards do not require to be inserted in a phone for making calls, rather it works via local access number and PIN number. You just have to dial the local number from any phone number and enter the PIN, and then dial the international number that you want to call.

The advantage with such type of calling cards is that these are cheaper than other local phone companies in the USA, in the sense that it does not involve any billing or statement.

International phone cards are widely used nowadays and there are several companies that are offering this service. Each comes with different rates and packages. The popular sim card brand Reliance offers such services known as the Reliance Global Call. Using this international card, you can make calls to India from the United States at local rates.

You can use these rates to make calls to both landline and mobile phone numbers. An added perk would be that you can use any phone to make these calls and it does not necessarily have to be a smartphone.


Which is the cheapest method to make mobile calls to India from the USA?

 From the many options provided above including VoIP apps, international calling cards and special mobile apps, free applications are definitely the cheapest. WhatsApp and Viber are two such apps that come with this free benefit and the quality of the calls are amazing. The only setback is that the person on the other end also needs to be a WhatsApp user. 

Which is the cheapest method to call landline numbers from the USA to India?

VoIP apps are the cheapest ways to make calls to landline phones in India from the United States. In this case, Vonage is a good option if you are also making many calls to various numbers. Vonage will provide you with a number and a wireless handset.