It’s always incredibly frustrating when you can’t get service on your phone. That becomes especially true if you have to make or plan to receive a business call. Luckily, Wi-Fi calling exists. With this VoIP service, you use a Wi-Fi network to make Internet calls in lieu of your cellular phone network. You can text with this, too. What about international calls, though? Can you make those over Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can use Wi-Fi to make and receive international calls. The following 12 apps specialize in such a service:

  • PingMe
  • WePhone
  • WeTalk
  • TeleMe
  • Skype
  • Google Voice
  • Rebtel
  • Dingtone
  • Boss Revolution
  • TextNow
  • TextMe
  • TalkU

Curious about those 12 apps, what else they can do, and how much it costs to use them? Then keep reading, as we’ll discuss all that and more in this article. You don’t want to miss it!

12 Apps and Services for Making International Calls over Wi-Fi

1. PingMe

The first app we recommend for international calls over Wi-Fi is PingMe. You can already download this app on the Apple App Store, Android Store, and the Google Play Store. It’s also coming to the Amazon Appstore soon.

With PingMe, you can contact landline and mobile numbers around the planet. If you’re using Wi-Fi as well as 3G or 4G, you can enjoy high-quality SIP calls for less.

Need to pay for your calls? No problem. On PingMe, you’ll save money on your international and local calls by adding friends to the service. For each referral, you get a calling credit valued at $0.3. This app uses Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud to provide a great VoIP multi-cloud phone solution.  

2. WePhone

Another VoIP service you might try, WePhone also works on 3G and 4G networks in addition to Wi-Fi. You can reach residents in over 200 countries at a much lower price than using a cellular network. WePhone has 20 million users and counting, and you could be one of them.

To download, you can search WePhone on the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, or the Windows Store. It’s available for Android devices as well. You can then reach out to countries like India, China, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Canada, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, the United States, and so many more.

3. WeTalk

The Phantom Software app WeTalk lets you call residents in many parts of the world for business or personal reasons. For instance, now you can dial to Egypt, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Kuwait, France, Germany, the UAE, Thailand, Brazil, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Mexico, China, and the US.

Only available on the Apple App Store at current, you can use your Apple ID to pay for the service if you’re charged. You can also earn credits or extra money just for logging in! Another cool perk is you may set up the service so your caller ID appears when you dial a number. This helps if you’re making international calls for business purposes and you want to showcase your company branding.  

4. TeleMe

If you’re an Android user, then perhaps you’ll gravitate towards TeleMe instead. This app, which you can download for free, works on 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi, of course. You get 20 cents of credit to start, which TeleMe offers its users as a gift. You’ll then find how much money you save using a service like this instead of traditional cellular networks. In fact, TeleMe says you will spend 30 percent less.

You can instantly reach parts of the world like the UK, Mexico, Nigeria, the US, China, India, and more. You never pay to download this VoIP service, and you’re not bombarded with ads, either. Another standout service from TeleMe? You can record your conversations and then download the calls when they’re done. You can even email the audio recordings to yourself.

5. Skype

Everyone is quite familiar with Skype by now, so we’ll keep this explanation brief. You can use this service for making calls, chatting via instant messenger, sending photos and documents, and making video calls.

If you’d prefer, you might sign up for your own Skype number that’s based out of many popular parts of the world. They include Denmark, Mexico, Hong Kong, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Australia, the UK, Canada, and the US. Once you have your Skype number, you may reach out to your professional or personal contacts with your new number.

Skype to Phone is available for those in the UK, the US, Canada, and India. For a North American subscription, you’d pay $6.99 a month for unlimited minutes. In India, it costs $7.99 a month for 800 minutes. The US subscription saves you the most money, as it’s $2.99 a month with unlimited minutes.

6. Google Voice

Almost as well-known as Skype, Google Voice gives you yet another option for Wi-Fi calling internationally. Do keep in mind that you must have a G Suite or Google account to use this service. Also, if you’re based in Canada, you’re shut out of Google Voice. That said, you can receive calls from those in the US and elsewhere who are on this app.

With Google Voice, you can transcribe voicemails, send texts (even group messages), save voicemails and texts, block numbers, and filter spam calls.

7. Rebtel

Rebtel promises less call droppage and lower rates when calling internationally through its service. They also say you’ll get improved call quality. For a monthly fee of only $10, you can reach more than 52 countries on landline and mobile. These include Bangladesh, Nigeria, India, Cuba, the Philippines, Pakistan, Ghana, Ethiopia, Cameroon, and much, much more.

With no more roaming charges thanks to their Wi-Fi calling, you’ll have a lot more money in your pocket with Rebtel.

8. Dingtone

If you’re calling or texting locally with Dingtone, then you never have to pay a cent. Then there’s Dingtone’s Wi-Fi calling. As you’d expect, this is free to users.

Once you download the service, you get your very own Dingtone number. You can transform devices like tablets and iPods into phones without a SIM card. If you need an international number, you can get that, too. For instance, you can request a phone number based in Belgium, China, the UK, Canada, the US, and more.

With that Dingtone number, you may then contact people in more than 200 countries on landline and mobile. If you can rack up credits, then you don’t have to pay anything for these calls. Dingtone does make it easy to get credits. You only have to invite friends, take advantage of free offers, watch video ads, and log in daily.

9. BOSS Revolution

The BOSS Revolution calling app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. With the app downloaded on your phone, you can take advantage of BOSS’s slew of products. These include international money transfers, e-gifting, and international calling. New members receive $1 in credit just for downloading and using the app.

BOSS Revolution promises you’ll enjoy more money in your pocket with their service, 90 percent more. You can reach more than 40 countries through their service, all with unlimited calling. Plans cost about $5 but could be more depending on where you want to call. Wi-Fi calls shouldn’t cost you anything.

If you make a lot of business calls, we think you’ll enjoy using BOSS Revolution. It supports 10 numbers per a single account.

10. TextNow

Don’t get fooled by the name: TextNow offers calls as well. The service has an audience base of 200,000 people and counting. If you hop onboard, you can enjoy unlimited texts and calls throughout Canada and the US. Better yet, you only pay $9.99 a month for most features. The Wi-Fi-only TextNow app doesn’t cost you anything.

If you do get charged to make international calls, the rates won’t break the bank. Typically, per minute, you’d pay 0.01 cent. Not bad!

11. TextMe

Like TextNow, TextMe offers its services to Canadian and American residents only. You can get stared using this app by downloading it via the Amazon Appstore, Apple App Store, or Google Play Store.

You then have the power to communicate with people in more than 40 countries via your phone. With picture messaging, calling, and texting (most of these services are unlimited to boot), you get a lot with this little app. You can even transform a tablet or laptop into a phone, making and receiving calls on these devices. Just download or log into your TextMe account and you’re good to go.

12. TalkU

Have you ever wished your phone could double as a walkie-talkie? With TalkU, it can! Not only that, but you also get free texts, video and image sharing, and free calls. 30 million users rely on TalkU to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues all over the world. If you’re chatting with another user on the service, then you never have to pay for it.

TalkU does have credits you can use for cheaper calls. You’ll begin raking these in through sponsored offers, referrals, checking out video ads, and continuously logging in. The app supports either cellular data use or Wi-Fi.


Q: How much data does Wi-Fi calling use?

A: While it varies, using Wi-Fi to text or call will certainly chew up your data. In most instances, for each minute you’re on the phone talking, you suck up a single megabyte of your data. Since 1,024 megabytes comprise a gigabyte, that means you could make about 1,000 calls on Wi-Fi if you have a one-gigabyte data plan. If it’s more, that gives you greater calling freedom.

Q: What’s the quality of Wi-Fi calls?

A: When you make or receive a call through Wi-Fi, the quality admittedly does vary. This becomes especially true if dialing internationally. Depending on which Wi-Fi network you choose, who’s hosting it, and how much bandwidth they have, you could have great or poor call quality.

That quality isn’t static, either. If you’re one of the only people using the network at first, then you could have crystal clear reception. Then, as others discover the network and hop on, the quality diminishes. Sometimes you hear an echo and even a delay on the other line. This delay can last up to two seconds, making it hard—but not impossible—to hold a conversation.